Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My Intent in Games I'm Playing

I'm currently playing in three multi-session games: Legend of the Five Rings, D&D 4e, and Prime Time Adventures. Sometimes just before a session of one of these I play some Death Stakes. Here, explicitly and honestly, are my intents (above and beyond "have fun with friends") for each. The reasons I'm playing these games rather than others.
  • L5R
    My "standard" gaming group decided to move from a schedule of 1 system for an undetermined amount of time, one a week, to 2 systems for an undetermined amount of time, once a week, alternating between the systems, with an occasional other system thrown in. So A A B B C A A B B C' etc. Mike had wanted to GM L5R for a while so that became one of the systems. My intent in playing L5R rather than something else is to make Mike happy.
  • D&D 4e
    I played RPGs but had never played D&D, and my new roommate was very excited to DM a D&D 4e campaign. My intent in playing D&D 4e rather than something else is to know (first-hand experience) what most people are playing and to make Thomas happy.
  • PTA
    This is the other game in the aabbc progression. It's a game I'd read a lot about on the Forge, that breaks far away from the traditional authority roles, and that has scene mechanics. My intent in playing PTA rather than something else is to know first-hand how our group plays PTA and to emphasize the differences in authority and scene management between this indie game and our traditional game, hopefully buffing skills useful for playing Burning Empires.
  • DS
    I am very bad at on-the-fly freeform narration. DS is almost solely on-the-fly freeform narration. My intent in playing DS rather than something else is to level my freeform skill.

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